Where can I find a discussion about the XBR?

You may find an active discussion on RCGroups.com or the Black Bolt XBR facebook group.

This is my first quadcopter build, am I taking on too much?

You might be. This quadcopter was designed to be built by someone with previous experience and build knowledge. Nearly every electrical connection is soldered on (no connectors) and all wires are expected to be shortened to length (including motor wires). It is possible to leave gobs of wires hanging around and maybe you could fit pins and connectors but it's really not the spirit of this multirotor. 

Do you offer ready to fly/pre-assembled machines?

No, but paying a friend is getting to be a popular way to fly the best aircraft without having to build it.

Does the XBR220 fit a full sized flight controller?

Yes, but its tight.

Why is there not more space inside the body for quad gear?

This frame was designed to be as small and light as possible. 

Why do you recommend 3d printing the body locally?

Local printing makes getting a carbon frame faster, easier, and cheaper for all involved.

Where can I turn if I don't have a 3d printer but want to find one locally?

3d printing really is everywhere now days. Schools, libraries, and makerspaces are likely spots if you don't have or know someone who has a 3d printer. Also there are some great sites that allow you to find local printers.







About the build:

The XBR was designed as a true racecraft. This means that right away there are omitted creature comforts. There are no header pins on board. Most everything is soldered connections. There is not much extra space. The weight and size of the body was minimized around only what you need.

Along the way innovations in packaging have been achieved through trial and error. The most significant packaging achievement has been affectionately dubbed the sandwich.

This is a combination of the popular FRSKY X4R-SB diversity 2.4GHz control receiver with high speed S-Bus communication protocol, and the AFRONAZE flight controller (same as Naze32 but half size). The whole thing packs down as small as possible and weight less than the regular Naze32 at under 6g.